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Michael Flacks’ Strategic Breakfast with Governor Kevin Stitt Signals New Investment Opportunities in Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City, OK – [May 16, 2024] – Michael Flacks, the owner and chairman of Flacks Group, met with Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt today for a pivotal breakfast meeting at the Governor’s Mansion in Oklahoma City. This meeting underscores Michael Flacks’ commitment to expanding Flacks Group’s global industrial and manufacturing operations into Oklahoma City, signaling a significant boost in local job creation and economic development.

Key Highlights of the Meeting:

Strategic Discussions on Global Expansion: Michael Flacks and Governor Stitt discussed Flacks Group’s interest in expanding its portfolio operations to Oklahoma City. Known for owning several portfolio companies globally within the industrial and manufacturing space, Flacks Group is exploring opportunities to replicate its successful business model in Oklahoma, fostering substantial employment and community development.

Focus on Sustainable Development and Local Collaboration: Reflecting its commitment to sustainability and local prosperity, Flacks Group is actively seeking collaborations with Oklahoma-based companies. These partnerships aim to leverage local expertise and foster an ecosystem of innovation and sustainable growth.

– Community Integration and Economic Impact: Both leaders emphasized the potential win-win scenario for both Flacks Group and Oklahoma City. Michael Flacks expressed his vision of building strong ties with local communities, enhancing the quality of life and economic vitality through strategic investments.

Quotes from the Meeting:

Michael Flacks, Owner and Chairman of Flacks Group, stated, “Our breakfast with Governor Stitt was not only productive but also a step forward in our commitment to Oklahoma City. With our global presence in the industrial and manufacturing sectors, we are excited about the opportunities to bring our expertise here, creating jobs and driving economic growth. Our vision aligns with Oklahoma’s development goals, making this collaboration a promising endeavor for all involved.”