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About Us

One of the leading investors in distressed assets and special situations worldwide.

Our History

Flacks Group, founded and controlled by Michael Flacks, specializes in the acquisition and operational turnaround of medium-sized businesses in complex situations where a rapid solution is of paramount importance.  Michael was born in Manchester, England, and started Flacks Group in 1983.  For over 40 years, Michael has been involved in some of the most complex and challenging turnarounds and business and real estate repurposing, unlocking billions of dollars in value and realizing that his vision enabled jobs to be saved and real estate assets to be repurposed. Today, with a total global asset value in excess of $4 billion built organically since the company started.

Investment Strategy
Flacks Group specializes in a unique, focused approach to buying and building our businesses, often centered on investing in Real Estate assets that are dark or need repurposing, operating companies undergoing complex operational and financial challenges, or good companies with a legacy liability overhang such as asbestos or environmental or legal challenges. Our Company is a generalist regarding business focus or sector and has been able to overcome significant challenges to unlock value. Flacks Group does not rely solely on historical performance as an indicator of future potential and brings both expertise and creativity to situations to attempt to unlock value. We do not believe achieving success requires a rigid formula but rather a bespoke solution developed over time. The best approach for us is to spend a great deal of time getting to know our management teams and ensuring a consensus around an achievable go-forward business plan.
Our Philosophy and Values
Every employee in our business has value. It’s important for us to talk to, listen to, and solicit opinions from the shop floor to the corporate executive suite. In doing so, we can rapidly learn where the roadblocks are to business success. The objective is clear: to align interests and ensure each team member feels valued and engaged to achieve success. In turnaround situations, in particular, the need to change culture means that our company needs to be able to bring leadership, communication, vision, strategy, and aligned interests to situations. Flacks Group believes in a spirit of partnership where we combine interests around partnering with our employees and instituting compensation plans that align with core company objectives. In situations where Flack’s team has been successful, our company has been able to implement profit-sharing plans with our employees while maintaining core values of social responsibility and business sustainability, which are fundamental to our investment strategy.
Leveraging a global network of corporate M&A advisers, legal advisors, and assurance professionals, Flacks Group has successfully acquired and operated various companies across various industry sectors, where deal certainty and swift deal execution are critical. Our primary focus is a carve-out, spin-off, and divestiture of a non-core/underperforming division from a sizeable multinational parent company, where the process is broken or tired. We also look for Real Estate assets that are challenged due to an upside-down capital structure, a downturn in the local or regional economy, or a legacy liability that provides an overhang on the property in question. Flacks Group works with major global corporations to structure and provide exit solutions for legacy liability or contingent risks such as asbestos, environmental, and toxic tort claims, enabling them to achieve certainty and finality.
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The Flacks Group promise

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Our Team

Highly qualified and experienced investment experts

Our team includes a deep bench of experienced legal, operational, and financial executives from around the world.  Collectively, this team has hundreds of years of turn-around experience.  Our senior leaders have been global chairmen, CEOs, CFOs, and General Counsels of large public and private companies. Flacks Group has the talent and ability to step in and run our companies or partner with in situ management and provide governance oversight and strategic leadership.  There are no preconceived notions about the “need” to step in as day-to-day managers and evaluate each situation on a case-by-case basis.  We supplement the Flacks Group team with a global team of senior advisors who bring both domain expertise and knowledge along with global connectivity to ensure that our portfolio companies have the opportunity to succeed.
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