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Founded in 1968, Zippel is now one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial cleaning technology. For more than 50 years, Zippel cleaning systems, which are made in Germany, have been used successfully all over the world. Now as part of the US FLACKS GROUP, Zippel has become a global player with a financially strong investor since 2020 and has been able to further expand its international reach.

The Zippel product portfolio is very broad and can meet all cleaning requirements. Regardless it be small individual parts or large machine components. Zippel systems can be used in almost all manufacturing industries, and the use of different cleaning processes, based on low and high pressure, ensure perfect cleaning results. Zippel manufactures both standard plants and special machines according to individual customer requirements.

The wide product range and the versatile fields of application have been additionally enlarged by further high-quality washing and deburring solutions:

Through the long-standing partnership with the innovative Japanese Sugino Group, a powerful traditional company with over 80 years of expertise in the high and ultra-high pressure sector, Zippel has become a complete solution provider in industrial parts cleaning. Sugino’s Jet Clean Center series of high-pressure cleaning systems clean and deburr at the same time. Customers thus have a range of products that covers the entire spectrum of industrial parts cleaning: Complete systems for cleaning and deburring, including the necessary automation, with integrated robotics and transport systems as required, are optionally available.

The know-how and global positioning of both companies lead to a successful partnership that is exceptional. The combined expertise of Sugino and Zippel, the broad product range and the high product quality ensure the success story of this partnership.

Sugino and Zippel cover the demand for industrial parts cleaning worldwide with the mutual distribution of their equipment. In addition, a global network of distributors ensures nationwide service, sales, after-sales and spare parts supply.

The two companies also work together on their international market presence:

At “parts2clean”, the world’s only trade fair for industrial parts and surface cleaning, Zippel and Sugino will once again participate in a joint booth and trade fair concept in 2021.

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